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Hydraulic Oil Flushing



Why Micron Management?


Insoluble particles can become trapped in the bearings of rotating equipment and cause significant damage. The dynamic oil film thickness in rotating bearings can be less than a micron, so it is imperative to remove particulate from lubrication systems down to a microscopic level.


The cleaning process is conducted in three stages: removal of oils and varnishes, velocity flushing to remove debris, and the introduction and filtration of the lubrication oil.


It is not unusual for the actual system oil to contain significant particulate, which must also be removed to prevent damage to the operating equipment. For this reason, any oil introduced into the system after flushing must be filtered to a stringent specification dictated by the equipment vendor.


We utilize a portable liquid particle counter to provide instant, proactive and predictive maintenance information immediately.  We sample both low or high viscosity fluids and report the data to ISO, SAE or NAS standards.  Intuitive, Immediate and Reliable.  Click here to see example of Particle Count Report.  All reports are customized based upon customer needs.