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General Presence Maintenance


maintenance-picAt SIMMCO, working with our clients is our number one priority. We work with our client's maintenance staffs to develop and implement cost efficient, long term strategic oriented maintenance programs that meet or exceed all corporate goals. We offer true turn-key maintenance services to our clients that minimize overall costs in addition to reducing facility outage.


Since 1977, SIMMCO has offered clients reliable and dedicated workforces that consist of highly skilled, multi disciplined personnel. With our proven track record over the years, reliability and quality work ensures that our clients continue to have reduced maintenance costs and shorter scheduled outages.


Benefits SIMMCO offers in Maintenance:

  • Veteran Maintenance group with decades of on-the-job experience
  • Company provided training and certification programs
  • Excellent Safety and Incident record
  • Large database (10,000 +) of skilled personnel
  • State of the Art project management software