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Mechanical & Precision Millwrights


millwright2SIMMCO offer's a broad spectrum of services whether it's commercial construction, rigging, electrical and mechanical installation, crane service, heavy hauling, plant relocation and other general millwright services.


Quality performance is attained through three core values

  • Quality Trained Craftsmen
  • Managerial and Supervisory Expertise
  • Efficient Project Management Techniques

Our employees are highly skilled craftsman and trade workers who when coupled with over 100 years of millwright managerial experience culminates into a formidable team.


Doing things right the first time in a consistent, efficient manner while remaining focused on the task at hand has allowed SIMMCO to succeed and expand over the years. We commit to our customers that if it can be done, SIMMCO will get the project completed, on-time and with the clients budget.