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Bolt Torquing & Machining



SIMMCO's Specialty Services group offers unparalleled skill and experience serving heavy industry. SIMMCO is a leader in preventing leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges, vessel man-ways and heat exchangers.  Flanges come in many shapes, sizes and styles, in some areas the only practical tool for the job is  Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. Our skilled, highly-trained machinists are among the most qualified in the industry.


Bolting Services include:

  • Stud Tensioning
  • Bolt Torquing
  • Stud Extractions
  • Ultrasonic Monitoring

    Machining Services include:

    • Milling
    • In-Line Boring
    • Flange Facing
    • Drilling & Tapping