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Southern Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Company,  is solely owned and operated by David R. Blurton. David began working in his father’s blacksmith shop as early as 10 years old where he learned the fine art of welding and repairs. David is a true entrepreneur. He is self-driven and tire-less, willing to put in the effort it takes to attain the goals he has set for himself and his company.   When he was only 21 years old he set out to organize his own company specializing in industrial repairs. This company has grown and expanded under his leadership and is now a major mechanical contracting and manufacturing company commonly called SIMMCO.


For over thirty years, SIMMCO has been providing its clients with quality mechanical/industrial construction throughout the southeast. SIMMCO is a multi-faceted company, specializing in fabrication of tanks and piping, as well as the manufacturing of certain related items. We pride ourselves in our background in the field of mechanical maintenance, and the installation/erection of piping and equipment normally associated with mechanical construction projects.